our mission

Veterans Housing Development’s (VHD) mission is to provide housing to homeless veterans through partnerships, involvement with members of the local community, the Veterans Administration and philanthropic donors. Our approach to address the problem of homeless veterans can be duplicated in every city throughout the United States as needed. Our vision is to provide a sense of home and community for our veterans.

Why are shipping containers ideal for constucting housing?


A home built from used shipping containers cost significantly less than a conventional house with the same space.

Environmentally friendly

Reusing transport receptacles lessens the environmental impact of conventional construction materials such as cement, brick, and wood. Building a “green” home also saves energy.

Structurally sound

Shipping container homes are ideal for high risk weather areas as the modular elements are welded together.

Easy to construct

Shipping container homes can be designed and built from modular and sturdy units in relatively a short amount of time in comparison with construction of regular dwellings.

about us

You Fought for Our Home. We'll Fight for Yours.

Veterans Housing Development Corporation (VHD) is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide the initial organization and long term maintenance for veterans’ housing developments in the southeastern United States. VHD will work with other charities and interested parties with similar goals to achieve the end result of providing veterans with a container house that provides a sense of home.

The approach of the VHD is to provide low cost eco-friendly shipping container homes to homeless veterans. Accord Architects & Engineers (aa+e) will use their expertise to design container homes bringing their over 35 years of design experience. Single container homes will be designed as well as homes to accommodate veterans with families.

housing plans

Our containers are designed to provide a sense of home for our veterans. The floor plan is designed to allow for ease of access to all areas and to feel larger. The exterior of the container home can be modified in a broad spectrum to give it a more modern architectural appearance and a “softer” presence.