Our Approach

We design houses for our nations Veterans.

Easily affordable, struturally sound, and environmentally friendly are only some of the pros when it comes to our houses.

VHD’s approach to the issue in municipalities within each state, is to assess the problem of veterans’ homelessness and provide a solution that fits each situation. The overall phases of the program are to:

  • Assess the need
  • Plan the development
  • Implement the strategy/construct the development
  • Maintain the facility/sustain the funding and services
In the assessment process, we begin by reaching out to the local municipality and the surrounding shelters to ascertain the homeless veteran population in the area. VHD will also determine if they can be relocated to an already existing facility that meets our program criteria. After assessing the need for housing in the community, a plan for the development of a large or small community is started in cooperation with local government entities. Either through allocation of land through the local municipalities or through a land donation from local citizens or organizations, a parcel is selected for development. Once the parcel has been obtained, the architecture, interior design and engineering needed to design the Veterans Village© is provided. VHD members will oversee the construction of the Veterans Village© including shipping container designed homes and other areas that assist the residents. Other areas may include:

  • Onsite nurses station
  • Security guard
  • Shuttle service
  • Employment assistance services
  • Exercise and recreation areas
  • Mail drop
  • A communal area for meetings and group sessions
  • A Village Shop
Once the Village is in place, VHD understands that in order to provide a long term solution to the problem of veterans’ homelessness, there is also a long term requirement to maintain the property and programs that will assist our veterans. In conjunction with local VA representatives, VHD hopes to implement programs to increase the quality of life for our veterans. We want to honor our veterans and hope others will join us in our efforts.

Our Houses

Our containers are designed to provide a sense of home for our veterans. The floor plan is designed to allow for ease of access to all areas and to feel larger. The exterior of the container home can be modified in a broad spectrum to give it a more modern architectural appearance and a “softer” presence.


Two Unit



Two Story